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About Adrienne and Pups

Adrienne is a psychotherapist who utilizes Rottweilers as an adjunct to individual, family, and group therapy sessions.

Our Rottweilers are taken to work with her regularly, hence stable temperaments, where the ability to handle new environments and people in a loving manner, are imperative. When breeding or importing Rottweilers, a stable temperament is always at the forefront of their mind.

Unfortunately, many ignorant people equate working ability with aggression. A stable temperament by Vom Eschenhagen's definition is the ability to do protection work (Schutzhund), yet function as a pet therapy dog. Working ability and aggression are not directly linked. In fact, a well trained protection/Schutzhund dog is less of a liability than one without training out of non-working lines.


Superior Breeding

Vom Eschenhagen Rottweilers stands apart from other kennels because of the quality of our import female Rottweilers. We have some of the best show and working female German imports in the world.

We have the first two German titled Korung (advanced breed suitability test) Rottweiler bitches on the North American continent. These 2 females represent the ultimate in working ability:

In addition we have Samora vom Trauer Weide, the only bitch in America to have not only produced the 1998 World Youth Champion Vera v.h. Falconsnest, but also the 1998 Europa and the 1998 Dusseldorf Youth Siegerin Vita v.h. Falconsnest.

Click here to see our other fantastic German Rottweiler females.


How We Socialize Our Puppies

Socialization of puppies is imperative in establishing correct, stable temperaments. This is why all our puppies are extensively socialized.

Our puppies are exposed to a variety of different environments at an early age. They are exposed to many children, adults, and stimuli. Puppies are taken to work with Adrienne where they are utilized as an adjunct to psychotherapy with children and families, hence by the time they are 8 weeks old, the puppies are already used to riding in a car, having many different types and ages of people interacting with them, and being in a vast array of environments.

Do not let breeders tell you they cannot socialize their puppies or take them off their premises due to the chance of getting parvo. This is an excuse. It is possible to extensively socialize your puppies without exposing them to parvo or other illnesses. Socializing puppies is A LOT of hard work and most breeders do not want to invest the time.

Socialization at an early age is imperative for the Rottweiler to develop a stable temperament. However, continued socialization by the new owner throughout the first 2 years of the rottweiler's life is more imperative.


Breeding Goals

Vom Eschenhagen's goal is to "better the breed" and educate the general public:

  • about the misconceptions of the Rottweiler temperament which is why pet therapy is so important to us.
  • on giving an honest perspective of the importance of the German standard and why deviating from this standard has negatively impacted the Rottweiler bred in America.
  • by providing the public with excellent quality Rottweilers who are bred under the premise of morality.

Our intent is to help the breed; not contribute to its demise.

If you buy from puppy mills, pet stores, or breeders who make their livelihood from selling dogs, you, as a consumer, are contributing to the demise of the rottweiler.


How Our Breeding Program Resembles German Standards

In Germany, every dog is tattooed on the inside of the ear prior to 8 weeks old. This tattoo number is how the Germans keep account of each dog bred in Germany. It would be similar to a person in America having a social security card. In order to get a job or when you fill out certain applications/forms, Americans need to provide that agency with their social security number.

The same goes for dogs in Germany. In order for the dog to get a hip rating, be bred, obtain a working title or breed suitability test, the dog most prove who they are by their tattoo number.

Germany does not stop at just tattooing the dog. This tattoo number holds the dog and his owner accountable throughout the dog's entire life.

Each litter, hip rating, working title, ZTP and Korung critique, stud service, breeding, and each puppy with a disqualifying fault is documented via their tattoo number in a yearly book called, Zucht Kor und Leistungsbuch. This annual book is available through the ADRK to anyone. Hence, it is easy to research each dog born in Germany, his/her parents, grandparents, and each consecutive generation thereafter.

Remember that each dog is not just a product of his/her parents. Each dog is influenced, both in phenotype and genotype, by all the previous generations in his/her pedigree. Researching ancestors is very difficult if not impossible with certain American and European bloodlines. This is a simplistic overview so I encourage you to do your own research and educate yourseelf.


Ethical Breeding

As a professional, Adrienne makes an excellent income from her career, NOT from breeding Rottweilers. Breeding Rottweilers is her passion.

Our intent is to help the breed, not contribute to its demise. Because our livelihood is not made from selling and importing Rottweilers, we are able to:

  • Stand behind our Rottweilers
  • Honestly critique our Rottweilers
  • Offer our Rottweilers at fair prices

Think about it this way. If you had to feed and shelter your family based on selling that next Rottweiler, to what extent or means would you go to sell it?

We want the quality of Rottweilers in America to improve. The breed is in trouble due to poor breeding standards, greedy and unethical breeders/importers, and people's lack of self-responsibility.

We are members of the ADRK, Therapy Dogs International, DVG, Delta Society (Pet Partners), USRC, BCA, PCBC.


Vom Eschenhagen's Contract

Warning: Many breeders state they "fully guarantee" their puppies. What these "reputable" breeders fail to inform the buyer is in order to receive a replacement puppy, the buyer must return the original Rottweiler to the seller.

How many of you are willing to return a dog you have spend the last 2 years raising as part of your family to obtain a replacement puppy?

My guess is not too many. This is what these "reputable" breeders are counting on. If you refuse to return your beloved companion who has "hip dysplasia", these "reputable" breeders do not have to give you another puppy, and they can sell the puppy and make more money for themselves.

So, please read contracts carefully and fully understand the terms of the contract prior to buying a puppy. At Vom Eschenhagen Rottweilers the buyer does not have to return their companion Rottweiler to receive a replacement puppy. See how we can be ethical yet be breeders for why we are able to give this type of guarantee.

Click here to view our contract. (Note: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free, click here).


Adrienne DeHaas
M.A., M.F.C.C.
17130 Van Buren Blvd. #327
Riverside, California 92504

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