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The following links are to articles about our dogs, dogs we have bred, or that include pictures of our dogs

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Lord featured on the cover of the 3rd Quarter 2008 issue of The Rottweiler Quarterly!
Lord featured on the cover of the Fall 2007 issue of The Rottweiler Chronicle!

Lord puppy, Benno, featured in The Amazing Rottweiler!

Aljoscha featured on the cover of The Rottweiler Quarterly!

Aljoscha featured on the cover ofThe Rottweiler Chronicle!

PetWorld Article on Our Kennel
If you had asked me twenty years ago if I wanted to be a rottweiler breeder, I would have told you that you were crazy. Twenty years later, I have been fortunate enough to own and breed some of the top German rottweilers in America. read more...

PetWorld Article on Vasko vom Eschenhagen
This breed is definitely misunderstood by the majority of the public and when you work your rottweiler in protection work, the misconceptions seem to multiply. Even one of the most respected and largest pet therapy organizations still misunderstands working dogs. read more...

PetWorld Article on Rottweilers
The rottweiler, courageous and gentle friend. Dissolving the myths and fallacies surrounding the breed, and portraying the rottweiler as they really are, some of you may be amazed at the real temperament of the rottweiler, once the layers of make believe are peeled off. read more...


Print Advertisements of Our Dogs

/Multi V-1 AM/CAN CH Sunnie vom Eschenhagen appeared in the Rottweiler Chronicle, June 2008.

AM/CAN/INT CH, Multi V-1 Stina vom Eschenhagen appeared in The Rottweiler Quarterly, 1st Quarter 2007, Stud Dog Issue, page 38.

Rottweiler Quarterly, 2nd Quarter 2006, Brood Bitch/Promising Puppies Issue, page 19

Lord von Bickesheim II, USRC Nationals ad

Lord von Bickesheim II, USRC Magazine ad

Ass vom Weissen Schwan The Rottweiler Quarterly, Back Cover, 4th Quarter 2006.

Vasko vom Eschenhagen, Ran in USRC magazine and The Rottweiler Quarterly

Lord von Bickesheim, USRC Magazine Cover, 3rd Quarter 2004

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