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Our bloodlines are from

top German and European Rottweiler kennels.

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  • All bloodlines are European, primarily German in origin. We do not breed any American lines!
  • All breeding stock is European, which means the parents were born in Europe and imported into the US.
  • All our breeding stock have either show and/or working titles
Dago vom Eschenhagen

Dago is only 12 months old in this photo.
He was bred in Europe and whelped in the US.

Sometimes we are blessed with litters that are bred in Europe and whelped in the US. The advantage to this is that you have access to view and choose from the whole litter. When you buy an import puppy, unless you physically go to Europe and see the litter, you take a great chance as to what the importer and/or breeder will send you. Many importers will tell the buyer that they will get first pick puppy or the best puppy from the litter. This is when you really need to question what the importer's motives are because rarely do breeders in Europe, especially in Germany, send their best puppies to anyone outside their country. This is why I chose to send bitches to Europe. This gives me a greater ability to monitor the litter and quality for myself and buyers.

Socialization of puppies is imperative in establishing correct stable temperament. This is why all our puppies are extensively socialized. Our puppies at 4-5 weeks old accompany Adrienne to work 2-4 times a week. This means that by the time they go to their new homes at age 8 weeks, they are already used to riding in a car, having many children pick them up and play with them at one time, new environments, and different people handling them. Needless to say, they are well socialized and all my puppies come with full guarantees and written contracts.

Max vom Eschenhagen
15 month old male

Our show potential puppies are guaranteed not to have any disqualifying faults and to pass with an OFA of fair or better at 2 years old. If they do not meet this standard, we will replace the puppy. We DO NOT ask that you return the original puppy or send more money in order to get a replacement puppy. This is how many breeder get out of replacing their 100% guaranteed puppies who develop disqualifying faults. Click to view our contract.

Below are links to pictures of puppies from vom Eschenhagen Rottweilers. Images can take a few minutes to download, so please be patient.

Rottweiler Puppy 1
Rottweiler Puppy 2
Rottweiler Puppy 3
Rottweiler Puppy 4
Rottweiler Puppy 5
Rottweiler Puppy 6
Rottweiler Puppy 7
Rottweiler Puppy 8
Rottweiler Puppy 9
Rottweiler Puppy 10
Rottweiler Puppy 11
Rottweiler Puppy 12
Rottweiler Puppy 13
Rottweiler Puppy 14
Rottweiler Puppy 15
Rottweiler Puppy 16
Rottweiler Puppy 17
Rottweiler Puppy 18
Rottweiler Puppy 19 Rottweiler Puppy 29        

When e-mailing please give us as much information about the type of puppy you are looking for (i.e. male/female/therapy/pet/show/work/breeding quality), your intentions for the puppy, and some information about yourself, family and the type of environment the puppy will live in. This will greatly help us in determining which litter and puppy will be right for you.

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